In September 2017 we were awarded with Climate KIC grant by the European Innovation Institute. KIC is the biggest public-private innovative partner focusing on the climate changes. It includes the most dynamic companies, academic centres and public sector. The accelerator was coordinated by Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency.

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Sonceboz – your partner for mechatronics – creates, develops and produces high quality mechatronic systems. Designed for positioning, flow control and traction, Sonceboz’s solutions are able to meet the highest requirements for passenger cars, commercial, agriculture and off highway vehicles as well as medical and industrial applications. We are proud to announce that Born Electric has been selected by Sonceboz to promote the CPM90 series in Poland. CPM90- brushless motor family with integrated motor control unit and CAN communication.

The performance of CPM90-48V shows it’s potential in the BEoneR!