General information

BE BMS is an advanced battery management system designed for vehicles and industrial applications. The system monitors voltage and temperature of each cell, current of the whole battery pack and enables automatic cell balancing.

BE BMS supports compact easily replaceable batteries and allows parallel and serial battery modules connection without any additional control unit.

BE BMS consists of Pack Management Unit (PMU), which is responsible for system management and communication with external environment acting as a supervising unit (master), and Cell Management Unit (CMU), which measures voltage and temperature of each cell section and performs balancing based on information from PMU.

The system utilizes external contactless current sensor for battery pack current measurement improving safety and installation ergonomics.

The system calculates battery parameters such as state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH). Moreover, the system can support additional temperature management peripherals (heating and cooling).


PMU (Pack Management Unit) is the main system component, which acquires, compares and analyses the data necessary to communicate with external devices and perform battery balancing.

The system can be configurated using PC app. Optionally, there is a Bluetooth module available, enabling mobile devices connection for live data preview. CAN bus is used for communication with charger and other devices, where battery pack data, warnings and errors are transmitted.

Supply voltage9-14 V
Banks number16
Number of CMUs in a bank16
Maximum number of cell sections in series256
High Voltage measuring range0-1000 V
High voltage measurement accuracy± 1 %
Working temperature-35 ÷ 85 °C
Communication with charger and other on-board systemsCAN
CAN speed125, 250, 500, 1000 Kbit/s
CAN communication standardCAN OPEN
Energy consumption (in active state)1.5 W (with LED controls)
Frequency of voltage / temperature measurements2Hz - 6Hz


CMU (Cell Management Unit) is characterized by low energy consumption and it does not require any external power supply. The boards are capable of operating in a wide range of supply voltage: 2.1 to 4.5 V allowing operation with majority of modern Li-Ion cells.

Cell voltage range2.1-4.5 V
Voltage measurement resolution± 5 mV
Temperature operating range-40 ÷ 85 °C
Balancing current650 - 1500 mA (load of 2,73 Ω)
Balancing methodPassive
Energy consumption (in active state)2.0 mW
Power Consumption (in sleep state)0.1 mW


The system scales in three independent dimensions. Each PMU can support up to 16 banks CMUs. That gives a total of 256 operated series cells by single PMU.


BE BMS offers a unique possibility of combining multiple batteries in one battery unit. The system supports connection of up to 16 modules. It provides safe operation when connecting the batteries and supervises the differences in voltages between separate modules.

Monitoring and configuration app

BE Battery Manager is a tool dedicated for BE BMS Classic enabling configuration of all necessary battery parameters and data preview in all battery operation modes. The application is included in BE BMS starter kit and is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

BMS communicates with the app by micro USB cable visible in the app as one of the COM ports.

App menu is divided in two main lists:

  • Overview, which presents general data from the battery and their status for basic error detection,
  • Configure, which is used to define battery operation parameters

Trustworthy product

BE BMS is a fully tested solution. The system was implemented as part of internal products (BE Battery, BE ONE R, BE Plug & Drive). Each module is tested and calibrated individually.

BMS specification

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