Our services

BE provides design, manufacturing and consulting services. We create prototypes of electronic, electrical and mechanical devices. This approach allows us to adapt to customer requirements and adjust the product to their needs. We are also happy to use our expertise to help you set the right goal.


Designing electronic circuits

We implement PCB designs along with the preparation of a diagram, selection of components and preparation of production documentation. We also start the production of several prototypes of the device or larger quantities depending on the  customer needs.

Design of mechanical systems

Do you need a design of a mechanical system created in three-dimensional space? Our team will be happy to solve your problem and develop a project according to your needs. We can design and prepare detailed documentation of sheet metal elements, milled elements or any production method.


Software development

Our team has competences in the field of low and high level programming, desktop and mobile applications and dedicated web solutions. We can provide assistance in the process of creating a system from the initial conceptual phases, through architecture design to implementation.

CNC milling

Our machine park includes a Haas Mini Mill, which allows for economical processing of small and precise parts made of aluminum, steel and plastics. We deal with the production of individual details as well as low-volume production. We make individual valuations

Consulting services

Strategic consulting

We have competences supported by 20 years of experience in consulting (PWC, BCG, Artur Andersen)

Consulting in the field of electromobility and autonomy

Use our experience to develop your projects.